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An Introduction
Chholas, a famous sadat village in NCR , is located  at the distance of 4 Kms  from the main G.T. Road point  which is known as  Kot Ka Pul and 40 kms from Delhi hublot replica watches , the Indian capital city. The history of  Chholas Sadat  is very old . Interestingly, this grand  village  was in Bulandshahr District till  November 14, 1976, then in Ghaziabad till June 09,1997 and now in Gautam Budh Nagar (Noida). Our ancestors from Sabzwar (Iran)  were immigrated here about  five hundred years ago. Majority  of our population is the generation of Honorable Grand Father Late Syed Ali Asghar . Further, it was boosted in later half of the Nineteenth century when Late Engineer Mohd Nazir reformed the village extention i.e. Mohallah Garhi . His religious contribution is remarkable since he individually established two Imambargahs (Mahal & Bara Imambara) and one Mosque in this locality. Now, both Shia Mosques have been renovated with a major contribution of Chholas Momineen. The generation of Honorable Grand Father Late Syed Ali Asghar gave shelter to refugees  also and now they are merged with the same identity and  same culture. There are four Mosques, two Idgahs, one Karbala and twelve (Big) & twenty (Customary)  Imambargahs in the village.

Chholas, with a population of approximately  eight thousand,  is represented by Shias, extending  same cooperation to Sunnis and non Muslim communities respectively.  This data is excluded of  the people who have been shifted in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon and other nearby cities in search of business and employment. They constitute and form a gathering of nearly 10,000 at the time of Eid ul Fitra and Holy Muharram.

There are five schools including  one Govt. recognized Higher Secondary   and one Religious Institution  "Jamia Rizvia"  in the village. Our Village community is still lacking in modern education. Actually, there are two major factors responsible if we couldn't make fast progress in the educational sector. Firstly,   our Previous educated class was moved by the  Partition of India when our cream layer quickly emigrated to Pakistan. Secondly, Fast growing Sofa Industry (Main Profession of Chholas people) in  last three decades  of the 20th Century  confined villagers mentality   to earn money for their survival through this one and only industry . Now, we  have only a remorse  since  our  literacy rate is not equal to other communities  in the second fastest developing country of the world. Actually, our land lord system had a ruling tendency which caused obstacles  for a healthy future of the  village . But now, this mentality is entirely changed and our people have started to spend a plenty of  money on their kids education . They are imparting education to their kids wherever and however it is possible. Now, our children are acquiring education in other states and abroad also to accomodate with a new era. Unfortunately, our new generation is far behind in Arabic and Urdu education as well, although this pious land has been God gifted  with a number of  Religious Scholars,  Maulivis, Professors, Engineers, Poets and Orators . Our local politics has failed to play a vital role in achieving educational goal for the community. No serious efforts are made by our  community leaders to promote education among the people. That's why people are shifting  in  the nearby cities. We can conclude that this is not a good sign for our Sadat future. We have to eradicate illiteracy at any cost to save the historical and cultural identity of our Chholas sadat.

We are pleased to share a  sound economy  of the village community by the mercy of God. Our per capita income is around Rs. 86,100 (US$1306) which is better than our country's per capita income of Rs. 77,880 (US$1180) as per  2013-14 survey conducted by the Govt. of India.  Now, we have  leading businessmen in the nearby cities and other states also. Mosques and Imambargahs are being renovated . Our community people spend hundreds of thousands rupees on the auspicious occasions of Muharram and Chehlum (Arbaeen). 

Sharing our progress, to get suggestions for improving our educational and religious standard and ultimately to serve the community.

"Illiteracy is my worst enemy, I would have killed it If I had found it in the form of human body."
                                                                                                                    HAZRAT ALI IBNE ABI TALIB (AS)

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